Remote, Mobile & Wireless Printing


The Library provides wireless printing from laptops, tablets and smartphones.
There are three ways to send print jobs to the Library’s printers:

  1. Email Address Method – best for printing emails or/and email attachments
  2. Web Portal Method – best for printing saved documents, saved photos, websites
  3. Mobile App Method – best for printing photos and websites from mobile devices (tablets, phones)

Printing Cost: 15¢ per black-and-white page; 50¢ per color page.

Picking up your printout

  • After you’ve sent your items to the library printer, you’ll get a notification that your print job has been successfully sent
    • Using email? You’ll get an email from
    • Using the app? You’ll get a push notification on your phone.
    • Using the web portal? You’ll see “Your request has been processed” on your screen.
  • Call the library at 608-348-7441 ext 4 to let library staff know you’ve sent something to the library printer.
  • Library staff will need to know the email address that you used to send your printout.
  • After library staff makes sure that your items printed successfully, they’ll call you back to arrange a pickup time.

Have questions about sending something to the library printers? Call us at 608-348-7441 ext 4.
Find out more about our Curbside Pickup services here.
Print jobs are deleted after 3 days (72 hours).
If you not able to pick up your document within 3 days, you will need to send your job again.

1. E-mail Address Method

  • To print an email that was sent to you, forward the email that you want to print to the email address for the appropriate printer.
  • To print an attachment that was sent to you by email, forward the email with the attachment to the email address for the appropriate printer.
  • To print a photo or document on your device, send an email to the email address for the appropriate printer and attach the photo or document that you want to print.
Library Printer Email Address
Black and White Printer
Color Printer

2. Web Portal Method

  • You can use the web portal to upload documents or photos for printing.
  • You can also copy and paste a URL into the web portal to print a webpage.
  • Click the link below to use the web portal.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.32.09 PM

3. Mobile Apps Method

You will need to install an app on your tablet or phone to use this method.
Download the PrinterOn Mobile App User Guide [PDF]
Get the Android App
Get the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App

Scan QR Codes to save printers on your PrinterOn App


Black & White Printer


Color Printer