Platteville Library Foundation purpose

The Platteville Library Foundation was incorporated in 1976 and encourages gifts, bequests, and endowments to the library.

Mission Statement: The Platteville Library Foundation exists to raise and receive funds for the support of the Platteville Public Library. The foundation supports capital expenditures, programming needs, one-time special collection purchases, and matching for grants. We also accept and manage designated gifts by donors.

Who runs the Platteville Public Library Foundation?

The Foundation Board consists of dedicated volunteers who meet bi-monthly to discuss investment, fundraising, and advocacy opportunities. Providing leadership are a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Bylaws govern the board’s activities.

Current board members include:

  • Zack Armstrong
  • Tammy Black
  • Ruth Hinzmann, Treasurer
  • Lindsay Hollingsworth
  • Mary Huck
  • Lori Laufenberg, President
  • Julie Pluemer
  • Caitlin Rosemeyer, Vice-President
  • Jessie Lee-Jones, Ex-Officio, Library Director

For more information

If you are interested in serving as a board member or assisting the Platteville Library Foundation in its fundraising efforts, please contact Jessie Lee-Jones, Library Director, 348-7441 ext 5 or or fill out and submit the application below.
Foundation Description and Application.

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