Mission, Values, Standards


Our Mission

To empower and connect our diverse community by providing equal access to resources that educate, enrich and entertain.

Our Values

  • We promote lifelong learning and literacy
    We encourage personal and professional growth for patrons and staff
  • We provide excellent professional service for everyone
    We are respectful, patient, tolerant, helpful, welcoming, flexible, and responsive.
  • We make meaningful connections
    We value patrons, service with a sense of enjoyment, keep an open mind, and work to exceed expectations.
  • We empower our community
    We listen to community needs, create partnerships, and enact positive change.
  • We are leaders and innovators
    We anticipate challenges, look for solutions, and try new things.
  • We are good stewards
    We value our communities’ investment in their library. We use our resources wisely. We are efficient and productions.

Platteville Public Library Service Standards

  • We connect with patrons, look for commonalities, and engage in their interests.
  • Library services are not confined to our building. We participate in our community through outreach, social events, and varied programming.
  • We prioritize communication with the public and fellow workers and respond appropriately.
  • We can speak knowledgeably about what we do and why we do it.
  • We will be innovative and work with community partners to create and sustain programs that are fresh and exciting.
  • We will treat everyone who enters the library in a respectful manner.
  • We will uphold and communicate the Library Bill of Rights to our patrons.
  • We will ask questions and listen actively.
  • We will understand our policies and procedures so that we can stay consistent.
  • We teach patrons the skills they need to access library materials, services, and other resources.
  • We utilize staff and system expertise to help us work as a team to solve problems.
  • We provide individualized services based on patron and institutional needs.
  • We project a positive attitude and demonstrate enthusiasm for our jobs and the service provided both inside the library and in the community.
  • We acknowledge everyone who comes in, make eye contact, and create a welcoming environment.
  • We will assist and support our co-workers to ensure a secure and efficient work environment.

Approved February 2, 2016