Volunteer opportunities

We’re so glad that you want to help at the Platteville Public Library. We have a variety of opportunities for volunteers at the library.

Shelf reading

Shelf readers play an important role in keeping the library neat and organized by

  • Making sure books are in order on library shelves.
  • Straightening books to keep shelves looking neat and attractive.
  • Shifting books so that books are evenly distributed on shelves.
  • Do you visit the library on a regular basis? Consider adopting a shelf. Volunteer a few minutes of your time when you visit the library to shelf read and straighten your adopted shelf.

Keep our library sparkling

The library is a popular place, and so are its thousands of books and DVDs. Help us maintain our collection by

  • Wiping down book covers and DVD cases.
  • Dusting shelves and computer monitors.
  • Sanitizing computer keyboards.

Book sales

Library book sales earn money for the Platteville Library Foundation, which helps us fund new books, programs, technology, and more. Book sale volunteers can help by

  • Sorting donated materials prior to book sales.
  • Setting up and organizing items for book sales.
  • Staffing book sales.
  • Cleaning up after book sales.

Library programs

Sometimes library staff can use help with library programs and events. Volunteers can help by

  • Setting up and taking down large programs.
  • Preparing materials for library programs.
  • Do you have a talent or area of expertise that you’d like to share? Contact the library if you are interested in volunteering to speak at a library event or if you are interested in putting together a library program.