Public Bulletin Board & Literature Policy


Public Bulletin Board & Literature Policy

Bulletin boards serve to inform patrons of upcoming or continuous events and services. The Platteville Public Library provides designated space on its public bulletin boards for the following items:

  • Official public notices
  • Civic, cultural, informational, and/or recreational events
  • Civic, cultural, informational, and/or recreational services
  • The library also provides a separate bulletin board for materials other than those listed above, as well as literature display racks for distribution of free materials of interest to library visitors.

Procedure for posting an item on the bulletin boards or to be displayed in the literature

  • All notices, posters, and free literature must be given to Library staff for approval
  • Approved items will be stamped and placed on bulletin boards or in display racks
  • One item per event will be accepted for approval. Items must be no larger than llXl7. Additional items and items not approved for placement, including excess copies of any items received will be disposed of by the staff
  • All bulletin boards are located in a public space, so all postings must be appropriate for viewing by all ages
  • Library staff are authorized to remove materials when they are no longer timely or due to space limitations
  • Preference will be given to events and organizations located in or serving the Platteville area
  • All posted materials are displayed at the owner’s risk
  • Posting information of illegal or criminal nature or that violates the Library Rules of Conduct is prohibited

Approved by Library Board of Trustees on March 6, 2018