Annual Peeps-o-rama – 2022

This year’s Peeps Diorama event is moving to your home!

The guidelines:
  • Create a diorama based on a book.
  • Your diorama should use at least one Peep.
  • Send us a photo of your diorama(s) or bring in your diorama(s) by March 31.
  • You are welcome to make multiple dioramas.
  • We’ll display your diorama or your diorama photo at the library and on our Facebook page in April.
  • Need supplies? Ask at the front desk or at curbside pickup for a Peeps Diorama Kit, complete with everything you need (Peeps, a box, paper, glue stick, glue dots, buttons, pipe cleaners, straws, pom poms, googly eyes). You are also welcome to add your own supplies!
  • Have your own supplies? Go ahead and get creative at home, no need to pick up a kit.
What to send us:
  • A photo of your diorama OR your actual diorama
  • The name of your diorama
  • The book your diorama is based on
How to send it (pick your favorite method):
  • By email to
  • As a Facebook message to Platteville Public Library
  • Tag us on Instagram (@plattevillelibrary) or Twitter (@plattevillepl)
  • Drop off your finished diorama at the front desk
Who can do it:

Anyone! Adults, teens, kids, families, friends, singles, or teams!

Past year’s dioramas

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