Library Programming Policy


Library Programming Policy

Platteville Public Library offers library programs to fulfill the Library’s mission of educating, enriching, and entertaining our diverse community. Library programs are planned, coordinated, and often presented by Library staff. Programs may include activities such as talks, demonstrations, audiovisual presentations, workshops, children’s storytimes and crafts, summer library programs, book discussions, self-directed activities, contests, and other special events. Programs often promote literacy and reading and may also offer informative, entertaining, and cultural experiences for community residents of all ages. Library programs are not used for commercial, religious, or partisan purposes or the solicitation of business. The library also offers informal “drop-in” programs in which patrons may participate in self-directed activities.

Some programs may be restricted to a specific audience. Registration for some programs might be necessary due to limitations of materials, space, and/or staffing.

Programs may be canceled for a number of reasons, including severe weather, unavailability of the presenter, or low registration. Canceled programs are not automatically rescheduled.

The Library Director works with Library staff to develop programs that are relevant to community needs and interests, have popular appeal, and are suitable for general audiences. Library program expenses are considered in the development of the Library’s annual budget request.

In accordance with Wis. Statute Chpt. 43.5, the Platteville Public Library all library programs are free and open to the general public.

Prizes may be awarded to individuals for participation in games, contests, or programs. Prizes awarded to juvenile patrons will only be released to the child or their parent/guardian.

To request accommodations, patrons must contact library staff prior to any program or event.

Library Programming Partnerships

Members of the public interested in hosting a library program must complete the Program Proposal/Partnership Form. Library staff will review the submitted Program Proposal Forms. Program proposals will be gauged by topic, potential audience, program space, library resources, existing programs, presenter qualifications, and match to the library’s mission. If accepted, a Library representative will contact the presenter. Program proposals will be active for one year. Because of limited financial resources and ability to pay presenters varies. Platteville Public Library looks at other factors such as topic, potential audience, program space, etc. when negotiating fees.

Presenters may not require personal information from program participants. Program participants may voluntarily give presenters their contact information. Presenters are encouraged to share their information so that attendees may contact them. Solicitation of customers or clients is prohibited at Library programs. Presenters may be subject to a background check.

Presenters may hold a program at the library without library partnership by booking a library meeting room. See the library Room Reservation Policy for guidelines.

Approved by the Platteville Public Library Board of Trustees, May 4, 2022