Displays and Exhibits Policy


Displays and Exhibits Policy

Displays of artwork and handicraft, as well as materials of historic, scientific, educational, cultural, civic, and other interest may be exhibited at the Library. Displays of potentially disturbing, offensive, or dangerous items are not allowed. Viewpoints or ideas represented in the displays and/or exhibits do not necessarily imply endorsement by Platteville Public Library staff or the Board of Trustees.

Platteville Public Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. Items presented for display are offered at the owner’s risk. Items must be removed at the time specified by the Library Director or designated Library staff. Materials not picked up within 30 days may be disposed of as the Library Director sees fit.

Priority for display spaces is given to library collections and library programs. Community events and partner organizations may be highlighted as space and time allow.

The Library Director reserves the right to accept or reject any material offered for display or exhibit. Library staff shall consider the following factors in determining

  • The relationship of the subject matter of the exhibit to a scheduled activity or program in the library’s meeting rooms
  • The relationship of the subject matter of the exhibit to matters of widespread interest to the citizens of Platteville and Grant County
  • Past or scheduled exhibits relating to the same or similar subject
  • Number of competing requests for exhibits during the period requested
  • Number of prior exhibits by the requesting individual or organization
  • Date the request was received

Areas that may be available for displays and exhibits will be determined by the Library Director or designated Library staff. No admission will be charged and such displays or exhibits must be open freely to the public. Purely commercial use of display or exhibit space is prohibited.

Art exhibits in the second-floor gallery space are arranged by the Rountree Gallery. The committee reviews artists’ work and selects artists for the exhibit based on artistic merit, with priority given to regional artists.

Approved by the Platteville Library Board of Trustees on June 7, 2022

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