Ages 7-11 Summer Library Challenge 2024


Want to plan out your badges before you enter your activities in Beanstack? Here’s a list of all the activities for the 2024 Summer Library Challenge for ages 7-11! You’ll need to complete one activity for each badge to earn the badge. You can also earn badges by logging the books you read, or by writing a book review. Happy reading!

Library Adventure
  • Visit a library that’s not the Platteville Public Library
  • Try a book or movie recommended by someone at the library
  • Tell the Librarian a joke
  • Do the weekly library scavenger hunt
  • Download an e-book or e-audiobook
Come to one of these events!
  • Summer Kick Off-Magic Show with Isaiah The Magician on Wednesday, May 29th at 6PM at City Park
  • Zoozort Live Animal Program on Friday, June 14th at 6PM at The Broske Center
  • Fishing For Fun! With the Genoa Fish Hatchery on Tuesday, July 16th at 2PM at City Park
Library Activity Passport
  • Go to the Library and complete 5 of the Library Activities listed on the passport
Crafting Adventure
  • Write a story or poem
  • Make chalk art
  • Help the Earth by planting something
  • Make your own craft
Action Adventures
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Have a friend over for a visit
  • Try something new: a new food, new activity, new place, etc.
  • Make something that you can use every day
Great Lakes, Great Read
  • Participate in the Great-Lakes-basin-wide reading challenge “Great Lakes, Great Read” by reading “The Water Walker” by Joanne Robertson.
Familiar Adventures
  • Leave a note inside a favorite library book for the next reader to find
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Re-read a favorite book
  • Help a grown-up cook your favorite meal
  • Spend an afternoon doing a favorite activity
Reading Adventure
  • Read a graphic novel
  • Read at night with a flashlight
  • Read or listen to a book by a person whose life is different than yours
  • Take a book with you on a trip and read a book someplace new
Listening Adventure
  • Try a Playaway/audiobook
  • Go outside and listen to the sounds of nature
  • Listen to a song that’s a different genre than you’re used to
  • Listen to someone tell you a story about an adventure they had
Friendship Adventure
  • Give someone a hug, high five, or fist bump
  • Read aloud to someone
  • Go on an adventure with someone
  • Help out in the kitchen
  • Read the same book as someone else and discuss it
Wacky Wednesday Adventure
  • Go to Wacky Wednesday at the Library
Watch Adventure
  • Watch a movie based on a book
  • Watch a band perform at Music in the Park
  • Close your eyes and pick a book off the shelves
  • Watch any sports team play, in person or on TV
  • Watch a documentary about an adventurer
Community Adventure
  • Go on a walk or a bike ride
  • Go to a Little Free Library
  • Go to Farmer’s Market
  • Go to a local park
Go read the Storywalk at the Platteville Inclusive Playground
  • Go read the Storywalk at the Platteville Inclusive Playground or scan the QR code and listen to the Storywalk