Platteville Library Foundation purpose

Mission Statement: The Platteville Library Foundation exists to raise and receive funds for the support of the Platteville Public Library. The foundation supports capital expenditures, programming needs, one-time special collection purchases, and matching for grants. We also accept and manage designated gifts by donors.

Learn more about the Foundation’s current capital campaign:

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Who runs the Platteville Public Library Foundation?

The Foundation Board consists of dedicated volunteers who meet bi-monthly to discuss investment, fundraising and advocacy opportunities. Providing leadership are a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Bylaws govern the board’s activities.

Current board members include:

  • Zack Armstrong
  • Jessica Brogley
  • John Hammermeister, Treasurer
  • Sue Kies
  • Steve Kleisath
  • Deborah Rice, Vice-President
  • Caitlin Rosemeyer
  • Cindy Tang
  • Mary Huck, Secretary
  • Hap Daus, President
  • Jessie Lee-Jones, Ex-Officio, Library Director

For more information

If you are interested in serving as a board member or assisting the Platteville Library Foundation in its fundraising efforts, please contact Jessie Lee-Jones, Library Director, 348-7441 ext 5 or or fill out and submit the application below.

Foundation Description and Application